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Lavender Memories

The bunches of dried herbs, hanging from the rafters and swaying back and forth in ghostly fashion, gave out a wholesome fragrance, and when she openedlavender farm trunks whose lids creaked on their rusty hinges, dried rosemary, lavender, and sweet clover filled the room with that long-stored sweetness which is the gracious handmaiden of Memory.

--Lavender and Old Lace, Myrtle Reed, 1874-1911

The scent of Lavender is often associated with some of life's most simple precious memories. Its sweet, clean, herbaceous bouquet penetrates straight to the heart and opens open lovely vistas on the past. This is what I have tried to capture in Lavender Memories perfume. Essential oil and absolute of lavender blended together give a more complete olfactory profile of this gentle botanical treasure.  Its ethereal nature is boosted with a touch of rose otto, and is depth is strengthened with the addition of fir balsam absolute.

There then shall we go along the grass paths whereby the pinks and the cloves and the lavender are sending forth their fragrance, to cheer us, who faint at the scent of the over-worn roses, and the honey-sweetness of the lilies.
--The Roots of the Mountains by William Morris

This cloud floated over a lady's hand, and was in fact a delicate handkerchief. I took it, and brought it to my eyes, which gratefully acknowledged the comfort. And the scent of the lavender-not lavender water, but the lavender itself, that puts you in mind of country churches, and old bibles, and dusky low-ceiled parlours on Sunday afternoons-the scent of the lavender was so pure and sweet, and lovely! It gave me courage.
--Adela Cathcart by George MacDonald

The old quiet, the old comfort of home. Not a sound but that of pattering rain in the still night. As always, the room smelt of lavender, blended with that indescribable fragrance which comes of extreme cleanliness in an old country house.
--Will Warburton by George Gissing

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