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Sweet Pea Perfume

The season of fragrant sweet peas is upon us in the Pacific Northwest. This spring I helped my mom plant a long row of the old fashioned climbing types and now they are in full bloom exhibiting their rich fragrant beauty and elegant butterfly forms with their rich pastel colors. This flower and its fragrance has been dear to me since the time over 25 years ago when my mom and I had a small half-acre flower farm in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Sweet Peas were one of the first flowers we grew for the local farmers market. In the beginning our land was very deficient in organic matter and nutrients and in the space we allotted for growing sweet peas, we only were able to pick 25 bouquets the first year. But within a couple of years the same area was yielding 250 bouquets of exquisite fragrant blossoms due to improving the soil with compost and grew manure crops. One of the vivid memories of that era was sitting in my room on the 2nd story of our turn of the century renovated farmhouse in the evening as the cool of evening approached and being washed in an aromatic bath of sweet pea aroma as it wafted into the room on the breeze.

This perfume has been created to commemorate the wonderful experience of being in the presence of Sweet Peas over the years--a delectable, rich sweet ethereal fragrance with a fine green/earthy undertone. These small experiments in natural perfume making are a treasure to participate in. Even though one might not be able to capture perfectly the multidimensional experience of garden-grown Sweet Peas, still one can endeavor to paint and aromatic picture of their beauty and fragrance using the wonderful palette of natural essences now available to the aspiring perfumer. There is nothing quite like the simple joy one gets of endeavoring to creating something elegant and beautiful to share with others.

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