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Jasmine Elegance


Jasmine has been at the center of Grasse's perfume culture for several centuries, well before it was cultivated on a grand scale that began in tJasmine blossomshe later part of the 19th century and continued into the mid part of the 20th century. Even today very modest cultivation continues in and around Grasse but most of that crop and its subsequent extraction goes to a few major perfume houses that use this precious and elegant essence in high class perfumery. This perfume, Jasmine Elegance, has been created in honor of this delicate flower and its ethereal aroma.

"I loved it directly. I saw it twinkling high above the valley in the warm September night. The windows were open, and the scent of jasmine came flowing through the railway carriage, bring with it memories of my Sussex garden. Scents have a very strong influence on some people, and I am not sure but that the perfumes of Grasse count for something in my affection for the little town. Wherever you walk you are met by fragrant breezes. They bring the flows in by waggon or train, packed in great shallow baskets, and, as you climb up and down the steep narrow streets, you are constantly aware of some subtle fragrance. 'Ha! jasmine!' you say, or perhaps 'lavender!' or 'tuberose!' and next moment on turning a corner you will come fact to face with a cart piled high with the blossoms."

--from Rambles About the Riviera by Edward Strasburger

"Through the partially open window came the lulling sound of a little trickling fountain in the garden, and the air was redolent of jasmine and orange-blossoms. On the pier-table was a little sleeping Cupid, from whose torch rose the fragrant incense of a nearly extinguished pastille. The pervasive spirit of beauty in the room, manifested in forms, colors, tones, and motions, affected the soul as perfume did the senses."
--from A Romance of the Republic by L. Maria Child

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