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Essence of Grasse

In creating this perfume, a sweet perfume bouquet,  I have drawn upon the great classic essences, produced  in Grasse from aromatic plants that flourished to perfection in and around the ancient town--violet, orange blossom, jasmine, rose de mai, tuberose, cassie.

"Oh fields! Oh fields of Grasse, oh fertile hills,
Oh cultivated crags, oh silvery sources.
Oh myrtles, oh jasmines, oh forests of orange flowers..."

Abbe Cognet: A. Godeau, Bishop of Grasse and Vence

"Chance, or rather choice in life has brought me back in recent times to the places where almost all the perfumes of Europe are born or made...

The farmer's work is governed by a kindly of uniquely floral timetable, where two adorable queens rule in May and July, the Rose and the Jasmine. Around the year's two sovereigns, one the color of the dawn, the other clothed in white stars, countless, swift violets, tumultuous daffodils, simple narcissi pass from January to December, and eyes are filled with wonder at the enormous mimosas..."

--from Intelligence of the Flowers by Maurice Maeterlinck


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