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Citrus Accord

A Perfume Accord is generally defined as the combination of two or more aromatic essences to produce a new "well-balanced" note where none of the essences used dominates. Citrus slicesThe aspiring perfumer may enjoy creating a set of basic accords (citrus, spicy, forest, oriental, balsamic, earthy, floral, herbal, etc) which can be used to create a wide range of perfumes in which that particular accord plays a major or minor role. The first accord we will take up is citrus.

A fine citrus accord is indispensable as a wide range of perfumes utilize it as citrus oils are predominately strong in topnotes, hence serves as a lively, fresh, crisp introduction to the heart and base notes that follow.
If the topnote is delightful, the chances of the person exploring the total aromatic composition will be greatly enhanced.

Here are some of the words associated with citrus oils:

fresh, crisp, green, clear, invigorating, refreshing, stimulating, sparkling, bright, volatile, fleeting, effervescent, clean, sweet, fruity, dry, bitter, delicate, delectable, delightful, delicious, citrus-peel, pungent, tart, tangy, light, sharp.

The plants themselves and the aroma given off by their peels, leaves, juice etc are part of the regular experience of most folks so one may use terms like lime-like, lemon-like, orange-like etc and a whole world of olfactory experiences is called to mind as well.

The range of essential oils and absolutes that fit into the citrus category is substantial and is not limited simply to citrus fruit essences. Several grasses and herbs also have strong citrus aromas. 

Please note that this is a perfume recipe, not a blend to be taken internally.

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