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Bergamot essential oil/Citrus-fruity, Herbaceous, Balsamic / $24 oz. Citrus aurantium var. bergamia

  • Product # 1021
  • Part Distilled fruit
  • Process expressed
  • Growth Method organic
  • Origin Italy

"Signor Guglielmo sniffs the air noisily.     'Bergamot!' he says.
And there, indeed, a hundred years in front of us, peasants in Calabrian dress, men with short trousers, the women with red petticoats and the great dropping head-dress, are escorting a cart loaded with the precious fruit on its way to the mill. The cart leaves behind a perfume so strong that it completely overpowers that of oranges and lemons. We are in a bergamot-steam. My host seems enraptured ...
Let us go to the orchard! It is an enchanted spot. Emerging from under the vine arbor, we enter a grove of oranges, mandarins, and bergamots; very high, very luxuriant, meeting above our heads, and having beneath their arches a shadow that is scarcely flecked here and there with a ray of sunlight. A little further on their is great square inclosure entirely filled with bergamots."
--from The Italians of To-day by René Bazin, trans. William Marchant


Bergamot essential oil (Citrus aurantium var. bergamia) is an olive green liquid displaying a fine, rich, juicy, sweet, fruity bouquet with an elegant herbaceous, balsamic undertone.

In natural perfumery used as a topnote in high class florals, herbal bouquets, colognes, fougeres, chypres, amber bases, Oriental bouquets,leather accords

Blends well with affrican bluegrass; amber sweet melange; anise stare eo and co2; apple melange; apricot melange; basil eo and abs; bay leaf eo; benzoin abs; bois de rose eo; blood orange eo; boronia abs; cananga eo; cardamon eo, co2 and abs; cassie abs; chamomile english/roman eo and abs; chamomile wild eo and abs; chamomile blue eo, co2 and abs; champa white flower eo; champa white leaf eo;  citronella eo; clary sage eo and abs; clove bud eo, co2 and abs; clementine eo;  coriander see eo, co2 and abs; cubeb eo; cypress eo and abs; davana eo and co2; elemi eo and abs; erigeron eo; eucalyptus lemon ironbark; eucalyptus citriodora; fir balsam eo; fir silver eo; fir douglas eo; frankincense eo, co2 and abs; grapefruit eo;  galbanum eo, co2 and abs; geranium eo and abs; gingergrass eo; ginger eo, co2 and abs; galangal eo;  hay abs; hinoki eo; hiba eo; juniper berry eo and co2;  ho wood eo; jonquille abs; lemon eo; lemon essence eo; labdanum eo and abs; lavender eo, co2 and abs; lavandin eo and abs; lime eo; lemon eo; lemon essence eo; lime essence eo; mandarin eo;  mimosa abs; myrtle eo; neroli eo; orange sweet eo; orange bitter eo; opoponax eo and abs; pine eo and abs;  peach melange; pear melange; pineapple melange; petitgrain eo; patchouli eo, co2 and abs; plai eo; raspberry melange; sandalwood eo, co2 and abs; spruce eo and abs; tea green abs; tangerine eo; tangerine essence eo;tonka bean abs; turmeric eo and co2; vanilla abs and co2; ylang eo and abs; yuzu eo; zdravetz eo and abs






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Note: Limit 10 samples per order.