How to Order

Dear Customers-  Kind greetings!

Welcome to White Lotus Aromatics and thanks for your interest in our products.

We would like to share with you a few simple things about how we operate, especially if this is the first time you are ordering with us . Please read it as it will save a lot of your time and ours if you understand these parameters.

Some Basic Stuff:

1.  We only sell wholesale and all prices on the website are wholesale prices. 

Businesses must have a reseller permit on file with us. Washington customera can learn more about appyling for a reseller permit click *here*.   You can email a copy of your Reseller  Permit to chris@wlaromas.com.

2. $100 minimum on all orders (except sample-only orders).

3. No more than 10 samples should be ordered at any one time


*We ship only to US addresses. We don't ship internationally.

*Ground shipping is FREE within the 48 contiguous states on all orders that meet the $100 minimum (all orders must meet the $100 minimum except samples-only orders). We currently charge $6.75 shipping on sample orders below $100. 

*Many oils are governed by  "class 3 flammable" or "class 9 miscellaneous" shipping restrictions.  Because of safety regulations we will ship them only by UPS ground to the 48 contiguous states.  Those oils cannot be shipped by USPS priority  and we do not ship them to Hawaii, Alaska or Puerto Rico or to international forwarding services.

*But happily, many oils can be shipped without restriction.  This group of oils can be shipped by USPS or air services and so can be shipped to Hawaii, Alaska or Puerto Rico or to international forwarding services.  You will be charged the full cost of any air shipping.  A list of the oils can be found under our heading on the SHOP page for Oils  We Can Ship By Air. 

5. 20% restocking fee on returns that aren't the result of error or damage.

6. Loads of important information can be found on our   FAQS  page and our SAFETY page.


And A Few More Tidbits:

7. White Lotus Aromatics specializes in sourcing a wide range of natural aromatics in the form of essential oils, co2 extracts, absolutes and attars from around the world. We love the vast array of natural aromas and our relationship with them is based entirely on their olfactory characteristics. But kindly note we have absolutely no knowledge about the therapeutic use of these wonderful natural materials and do not offer advice in that area.

8. Be sure to read the olfactory descriptions and its physical characteristics before ordering any essence. You can easily do this by clicking on the name of the absolute, co2 extract, essential oil, etc in the shopping area of the web site. By clicking on the name of the essence you will not only get a general description of that essence (which I have done to the best of my ability realizing that everyones perception of smell is unique). That link will also give you access in many cases to a monograph on that particular essence, research links, etc.

9. If you are not familiar with the general olfactory characteristics of a particular essence we recommend that you first order samples of that essence. Sample prices are listed beside each oil. There are no refunds on samples as it is the most time consuming part of what we do. But ordering samples will save you the expense of returning a larger quantity of an essence you ordered which you may not like. Not only would you have to pay the shipping back to us but also the 20% restocking fee on returns.  You are welcome to place a "samples-only order" and it need not meet the $100 minimum.Again it must be only samples and no other sizes.


10. Since we are small, two person operation we have to keep our operation very simple and streamlined. Hence:  

a. MSDS's (Material Safety Data Sheet) are posted on our website, linked to the oil to which they apply.  Links to CofA's (Certificate of Analysis) are gradually being added to the detailed record for each oil. We do not furnish batch specific GC/MS. We also do not offer third party organic certification paperwork. If you require batch specific GC/MS analysis or organic certification documentation then it will be better to work with a company larger than ours. We also do not offer third party organic certification paperwork.

b. The bottles do not have orifice reducers or dropper caps on them. They are packed in simple amber colored bottles with a regular cap on them.

c. We are a small company amidst many larger companies. We buy our oils in relatively small amounts, hence the our stock is constantly changing. In the world of natural aromatics even the same genus and species of an oil can vary in olfactory characteristics from batch to batch. If you require consistency in olfactory profile, again it would be best to order from a large company who buys oils in large amounts.



With kind regards-
Christopher and Suzanne of White Lotus Aromatics



For more information refer to General Policies.

Further discounts are available for customers wishing to purchase in larger quantities. Kindly enquire:
Christopher McMahon
332 Carriage Dr
Sequim, WA 98382 USA