• Free Perfume of the Month: Arroyo

    Arise from the ground by the warm rain wet,
    And their breath is mixed with the odor sent
    From the turf, like the voice and the instrument.”

                        Farm friends and spring flowers   —-By Joshua Hughes Paul

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  • The bluebird knows it is April

    Winged lute that we call a bluebird, you blend in a silver strain
    The sound of the laughing water, the patter of spring’s sweet rain,
    The voice of the winds, the sunshine, the fragrance of blossoming things,
    Ah! you are an April poem, that God has dowered with wings!

                                                      —- Eben E. Rexford

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  • To weave garlands and deck themselves in brilliant wreaths…

    To weave garlands and deck themselves in brilliant wreaths, seems to be almost the first and the highest joy of childhood; and so universal is this love in children, that one could almost fancy that flowers were created for their special enjoyment.
    —quote from “Garden Flowers” (1857)

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  • Narcissus des Montagnes

    LONG-HOPED-FOR Summer days at last have come…
    She, bringing with her sweetest treasure home,
    Decks the fair land with all she can employ,
    Sweet’ning the balmy air with Summer scent,
    Crowning the year with full ennoblement
    Of Summer triumph, and of Summer joy.
                                                —- George Frederick Bodley

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  • November Update

    NOCHE FRAGANTE, our Free Perfume of the Month for November, is a complex perfume composed of over 60 essential oils, absolutes and CO2 extracts to create the lovely fragrance of the night air in Spain where one is captivated by the entrancing aromas of jasmine, orange blossoms, rose and many other wonderful scents….

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