• Fragrance in Literature 2012

    Dear Friends,

    Kind greetings!

    We are sharing these fragrant quotes from literature with hopes that it may prove useful to you in your aromatic explorations.

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  • Gioia Perfume Newsletter

    This month we are presenting a perfume recipe which may provide some ideas for your own perfume creations. It is called Gioia (pronounced Joy-ah)—the Italian word for “Joy.”

    It contains many natural essences that have been traditionally grown in Italy and Sicily and hopefully it captures something of the spirit of the land. Anyone who orders in the month of September and is considering making a similar perfume may request a sample of this intriguing essence.

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  • Tyrolean Conifer Oils

    Kind greetings to all our newsletter subscribers.  Recently we started ordering some of the finest conifer oils we have ever encountered—from the oldest distillery (over a hundred years in existence) in the Tyrol region of of Austria. Here are our first three offerings, with more to come:

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  • December 2012:  Christmas overlooking El Paso and Juarez

    Throughout the world, many cultures have special winter celebrations. The forms of celebration are as diverse as the cultures themselves, but at their core one finds thanksgiving for the sacred gifts of light, love, and life.  Our heartfelt good wishes to each one of you in this joyful season—Christopher and Suzanne

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