• Silk Road Newsletter

    When one hears the word “Silk Road” uttered it brings to mind a world of adventure, mystery and romance that were embedded in the ancient world and its sophisticated trade networks that allowed precious goods of many types to move between the Europe and the Far East. High on the list of goods that were coveted by people of the various countries through which the Silk/Caravan Road passed were perfumes, attars, unguents, resins, spices, and precious aromatic woods that were widely appreciated both for their secular and religious value.

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  • Candy Counter Delight Newsletter

    There was a time in the United States when a good deal of local business was transacted in the town or village General Store which stocked a wide variety of grocery and household goods including a magical place where various types of penny candies were colorfully displayed in clear glass jars. In larger cities sometimes specialty candy shops were also found with a greatly expanded range of treats. Anise squares, Butter Mints, Butterscotch Disks, Candy Corn, Rootbeer Barrels, Ginger Cuts, Cinnamon Disks, Jawbreakers, Gum Drops, Licorice Whips, Salt Water Taffy, SenSen, Lemon Drops, Carmel Cubes, Red Hots, Coconut Kisses, Horehound Lozenges, and many other colorful, scented and tasty treats beckoned to wide-eyed children to sample the wares displayed. For a penny or two a child could get a small bag of treats to enjoy and share with friends.

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  • Freesia Perfume Newsletter

    There are a number of flowers possessing enchanting perfumes that have not been extracted or distilled on a commercial scale. In such cases the perfumer then needs to study the aroma of the flower itself and see if there are different combinations of co2 extracts, absolutes, natural isolates and essential oils that might be used to capture some of the olfactory qualities of the flower of which one is trying to make an “aromatic portrait”.

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  • Stories for our Distillers

    Many of the companies we work with are involved in supporting farmers and distillers with their work and their stories are lovely to read.

    One of the first companies we worked with when we started our business was Scatters Oils in South Africa.

    Clive, along with his daugher Jessica and all their staff are doing an inspirational job there. Here is one of the many projects they are involved in…

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  • Rejoice Perfume Newsletter

    The winter season is approaching and here in the Pacific Northwest the crisp cool days are upon us. The winds and rains have stripped bare the last leaves of the deciduous trees and the stately conifers have now come to the forefront. When we walk in the mornings up the hill from our home the grand view of the snow-capped Olympic Mountain Range is before us and sometimes, the sunrise illuminates the towering peaks with a brilliant warm light bathing them in an ethereal glow. The graceful and quiet season of the year is treasured by us along with all the other seasons. It is a time of celebration as well: celebrating the simplicity and sweetness that reveals itself when outer forms are reduced to their essential form as happens when the trees lose their leaves and their elegant forms stand out in their pristine beauty.

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  • Mandala Tibetan Newsletter

    “Sometimes a glance, a few casual words, fragments of a melody floating through the quiet air of a summer evening, a book that accidentally comes into our hands, a poem or a memory laden fragrance, may bring about the impulse which changes and determines our whole life. While writing this, the delicate resinous scent of Tibetan incense is wafted through the shrine-room of my little hermitage and immediately calls up the memory of the place where for the first time I became acquainted with this particular variety.”

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