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Forest Accord

"The Anyksciai Grove"

What scents abound! Pine resin fills the air.Swan in Forest Lake
The scent of flowers gentle breezes bear.
In clearings white-red clover, camomile
And thyme with fragrance rare your nose beguile.
The presence of an anthill you can tell.
Leaf, needle, pine-cone have a different smell
Each time you pass. A breeze however slight
Will bring new scents each time for your delight.
Here's aromatic cranberry and moss.
Here orchard-blossom scents you come across.
The forest like a living creature breathes:
The nearby field and meadowland it wreathes
In fragrance, while among its pines in turn
The scents of field and meadow you discern.
All mingle in the air, so thick they come
Your nose cannot distinguish every one.
It is as if wood, meadow, field combine
Their richest scents to make a perfume fine
Which to God's glory they are offering
As they together sigh, rejoice and sing.
Their voices weave a hymn of many parts
To touch with perfect harmony our hearts.

by Antanas Baranauskas
(1835 – 1902)

Here in the Pacific Northwest we are surrounded by their quiet and elegant presence and their precious aromas of the forest. Forest Accord endeavors to capture some of the complex sweet resinous, rich balsamic green coniferous bouquet that one might encounter in variety of forest settings. As with all aromatic themes, even within one specific category, one may bend their composition in an number of directions by selection of particular ingredients-bringing out some special highlight by the choices they make.

It is important to note that when one is constructing a specific accord such as the Forest Accord of this newsletter-that not all the essential oils, co2 extracts, absolutes used need be from coniferous plants like cedar, pine, spruce, fir etc. There are other species of plants which have certain notes within the oils that the produce that may be invaluable in constructing a forest-like scent. Galbanum eo and abs, Lavender eo and abs, Labdanum abs, Myrrh eo and co2 extract, Oakmoss abs fit that category.