Fougere Accord—an aromatic building block

A classic Fougere is built around Oakmoss absolute, with Lavender Absolute and Tonka Bean Absolute completing the central chord

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From our aromatic palette of organic essential oils, select absolutes, gentle CO2 extracts, attars, and hydrodistilled essences, procurred from trusted distilling and extracting colleagues around the world, our customers, old and new, are sure to find the best of the gifts of the fragrant plant world.

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Sept 2015 | Ambrette Perfumery Links + Lavender Essences + “How Flowers Got Their Fragrance”

Ambrette Perfumery Links + Lavender Essences + Native American Legend “How Flowers Got Their Fragrance”

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Fragrance in Literature 2012

Dear Friends,

Kind greetings!

We are sharing these fragrant quotes from literature with hopes that it may prove useful to you in your aromatic explorations.

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