Mango Melange

blend of natural isolates displaying a delightful rich, sweet, fruity tropical bouquet with a delicate floral undertone that nicely captures the complex aroma of ripe mangoes

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From our aromatic palette of organic essential oils, select absolutes, gentle CO2 extracts, attars, and hydrodistilled essences, procurred from trusted distilling and extracting colleagues around the world, our customers, old and new, are sure to find the best of the gifts of the fragrant plant world.

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Gulab “Rose” Mukhallat Attar

Gulab Mukhallat Attar displays a wonderful complex, rose-centric, fruity, balsamic bouquet of fine tenacity and potency created from a traditional blend of numerous natural essences.
It can be used as a lovely perfume in itself or added to colognes, rich florals, sacred perfumes, incense bouquets, fougeres, chypres.

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